Points to help with your practice in class or at home

Yoga is all about awareness – awareness of the link between body, mind and breath.

Anyone, regardless of their age or level of fitness, can enjoy and benefit from a balanced yoga practice. The following pointers will help you get the most out of your practice both in class and at home:

  • Always let me know before a session starts if you have any illness or injury (or if you are pregnant) so that I can ensure you practise safely. None of the conditions mentioned above preclude you from practising yoga, but you may need to modify some postures and I can help you work safely and fully if I know of any problems you have. In fact, yoga may very well help to alleviate many common health problems.
  • Do not practise on a full stomach. Allow 4 hours to digest a heavy meal and 2 hours for a light meal. Drinking is fine at any time beforehand. Eat lightly AFTER practice.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Have warm layers for the relaxation period – a blanket is recommended.
  • It is important that you work to your own limits – listen to YOUR body and breath. Never push yourself beyond your comfortable limits. Practise awareness of your breathing and posture daily. 
  • Inverted postures – discuss with me if you have serious eye problems, osteoporosis or arthritis of the neck, or hypertension.