About Yoga

Yoga is a holistic system for creating harmony and a balance of energies on every level of our being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. With the support of a teacher, practising appropriate yoga has far-reaching benefits for people of all ages and stages of life.

Mary Mackie Yoga

Yoga is a Sanskrit word that has many meanings but is mostly translated as ‘union’, thereby reflecting yoga’s emphasis on oneness, the connection between body, mind and the emotions. Yoga as a practice covers a wide variety of disciplines, all of which aim towards the realisation of the Self, or ultimate unity. 

Hatha Yoga is at once a 1000-year old spiritual tradition, a science and an art that comes from the knowledge that all living beings are interconnected. It is an ancient philosophy and meditation system that has been practised by millions throughout the ages. 

In the western world, Hatha Yoga is most widely viewed as a system based on the postures rather than the traditional teachings. Yoga has been adapted to suit our 21st century needs, the gentle stretching and breathing practices being accessible to everyone.

Modern Hatha Yoga offers a host of benefits, reducing stress and tension, improving focus and concentration, increasing one’s sense of well-being, improving breathing, flexibility, joint mobility, muscle tone, balance, and enhancing strength and stamina throughout the body.

Please follow the link if you are interested in learning yoga in a group Yoga Class or if you are a trainee yoga teacher interested in a specific Yoga Course or Workshop.

Those with a pre-existing medical condition or health issue are likely to benefit from Yoga Therapy, an enhanced level of yoga adapted to suit their specific needs.